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pfSense on Mac Mini G4 / PowerPC

So I had an old Mac Mini (the G4) laying around which I have long wanted to find some use for. As my internet connection is slow (I live in Spain) and I wanted to do some sort of traffic shaping so that I could still stream media while downloading stuff, especially when leaving torrents and steam to download overnight while I stream myself some Husky before going to bed.

Long story short, I have purchased an USB Ethernet Adapter from DealExtreme (Branded as LogiLink) abd installed a 12.04.2 LTS Precise Pangolin version of Ubuntu Server, mainly because it’s easy to install and ppc version was available. However, it didn’t do everything I wanted it to do easily, so I started looking for options and pfSense got my attention. It’s based on FreeBSD so I should be able to run it on my PowerPC based device, however there are no installers for it so I would have to build it myself. Ok, let’s do it. Read On…