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Avatar: Legend of Korra

About 5 months ago on reddit I’ve read about an animation series “Avatar: Legend of Korra” and today I finally got to watching all 12 episodes of the first (and, so far, the only) season of the series about elements-controlling benders and the Avatar who is basically Captain Planet. Anime, steam punk, feels and plot twists are all present in this exciting story that I actually opened just to test streaming on my new plex setup and ended up watching all of it, given the episodes are just over 20 minutes each. Initially there were only supposed to be 12 episodes but now 4 seasons are planned with a total of 52 episodes. The next season is scheduled to air in less than a month, on the black friday of September, 13th. Meanwhile, I will probably check out the 2005 prequel.

pfSense on Mac Mini G4 / PowerPC

So I had an old Mac Mini (the G4) laying around which I have long wanted to find some use for. As my internet connection is slow (I live in Spain) and I wanted to do some sort of traffic shaping so that I could still stream media while downloading stuff, especially when leaving torrents and steam to download overnight while I stream myself some Husky before going to bed.

Long story short, I have purchased an USB Ethernet Adapter from DealExtreme (Branded as LogiLink) abd installed a 12.04.2 LTS Precise Pangolin version of Ubuntu Server, mainly because it’s easy to install and ppc version was available. However, it didn’t do everything I wanted it to do easily, so I started looking for options and pfSense got my attention. It’s based on FreeBSD so I should be able to run it on my PowerPC based device, however there are no installers for it so I would have to build it myself. Ok, let’s do it. Read On…